Saturday, December 3, 2011

Amazing Opportunity: Found Object Poetry

I assembled these poems using subject lines from spam email. These are circa 2007; I just came across them again. I remember that for awhile I was excited to get spam so I could add to my cache of lines. All !? are original, other punctuation is added. They are otherwise unedited.

Why be an average guy?

Amazing Frankfurt Symbol!
Amazing opportunity!

Why be an average guy
When when when
The front brake fluid reservoir can be flushed?
The Germans know how to do it

I’m looking for you.
Why don’t you buy some medications?
All medications to cure yourself
Terrific gains possible

On your next visit
Sex can help

Everybody knows that
I’m not a Nigerian Prince
Even I know that

Some Observation

Tooth & unit, some observation.
Simply put,
No more loosing with this

At least in the 1990’s you know who your friends and enemies were
Do you have a New Age book?

Who would want this when
Books are hard to kill
Books are hard to understand

Don’t miss this unique chance-
I’m a passionate lover again.
For venereal, this resemble:
As weak is to bullseye
So this Facebook thing will fail.

Check out the wonders of pound melting,
Check out this cookbook:
Enlargement of your pepper.

He said he’d have to think about it for awhile.
I didn’t believe it the first time, either.


  1. Lovely! My favorite lines so far are: "Germans know how to do it" and "Books are hard to kill" ! This blog post got me very happy-excited. I should post more poetry soon, too. Gods know I have tons of it lying around...

  2. This is outright genius, Saum. Not your normal genius, I know, you are busy being a genius all the time. But this is like a special kind of genius. Nicely done. Shared.