Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ahhh! Haikus!

Must write a haiku
For my “Journey and Quest” class.
It’s not going well.

This terse verse is huge--
I don’t know how to begin.
My words feel empty.

I read the Masters
Beauty, in words and meaning
Now I’m scared to try.

No cherry blossoms--
I should just write what I know.
What is before me.

Grey squirrels gather
Discarded crumbs from my lunch.
This park is dirty.

Walking in the sun
My friend and I laugh so loud
People turn and look.

Cambridge cooks in heat,
Packed with tourists and students.
I love this city.

Midterms stress me out.
I avoid writing papers
And play ‘Angry Birds.’

In the shade of trees
The grass is green, cool and deep.
Tired eyes find peace.

Fragrant jasmine tea:
Icy and sweet, from a straw.
Nice, on a hot day.

July moon steals sleep
I stroll beside the river.
Drunk boys stagger by.

I miss my small farm--
Horses leave rich summer grass
And run to greet me.

I remember, once
The dog came in from outside;
Coughed up a live frog.

I look at my phone
To find out that it’s raining--
I’m standing in it.

1 comment:

  1. It's a toss up between the live frog and looking at your phone in the rain as to which are my favorites.